Last Will and Testament

Good legal health usually includes having an estate plan with a valid will. Without a will, your property may not be distributed as you desire, extra expenses and taxes may be incurred, and some family members may inherit your property against your wishes. If you have dependent children, who will take your place as parents and who will provide for their financial needs? We will review your family situation and advise you how to plan your estate or update your estate plan so that your assets are conveyed to your loved ones in the most efficient and least costly manner.


Frequently, our clients wish to transfer assets in such a manner that they will not be probated as part of an estate, will diminish the client’s assets during the remainder of their lifetime, or will benefit certain persons under certain desired conditions. We can prepare trusts for a variety of purposes, and seamlessly integrate them into your estate plan.

Living Wills

A Living Will is an excellent vehicle for conveying instructions to health care providers, should you find yourself in a position where you cannot communicate your wishes. In addition, a person (a “Health Care Proxy”) can be named in your Living Will, allowing health care providers to rely upon their instructions regarding your medical care, so long as their instructions do not conflict with your written desires.

Powers of Attorney

Often a Power of Attorney is a vital part of estate management. We can prepare one for you, allowing as much or as little discretion as you wish in the disposition of your business and your assets.


We can provide all of the services necessary in probating the estate of your loved one. In the event that the estate is a particularly complex one, we have accounting personnel at our disposal to assist in any complex tax issues.