Child custody is often one of the most challenging issues a separating couple or guardian has to face. To improve your chances of a positive outcome, make sure you’re well-prepared for the court hearing. Along with seeking an experienced family law attorney, here’s what to expect during the proceedings.

What You Must Know About Child Custody Proceedings

1. Limited Time Frame

A child custody case begins with the filing of a petition of custody. The person being sued will receive a court summons and is usually given 20 days to respond. It typically takes three appearances, at minimum, to resolve a child custody case; perhaps more if the matter goes to a full hearing (trial).

Because you have a limited time to prepare and present your case, a lawyer who is proficient in family law can help you form a compelling argument.

2. Small Courtroom

family lawFamily law child custody proceedings are heard by a judge.  There is no jury.  Furthermore, the proceedings are confidential and not open to the public. \

Child custody proceedings therefore usually take place in smaller, more intimate settings. Only a few people are in the room, including the child’s guardians or parents, a family law judge, an Attorney For The Child, perhaps the judge’s Law Clerk, the stenographer, the Court Clerk, and the lawyers. Dress appropriately and behave well, as you want the judge to view you as a responsible parent.

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